Van Son 42 in Denver

There has been a lot of questions and confusion about DVD music release for Van Son 42 in Denver. Some thought is was May 10th, 2009, some said July 4th 2009, I’m not sure, up to now in vanson website, this dvd label VanSon 42 is not found anywhere on website, so no official release date? who knows. I did get a chance to see it already, not bad, I give it a 6 out 10, I gave Thuy Nga 8 out of 10. The reason I give 6 out of 10 is because this #42 isn’t that good compare to the #41. This #42 invole those girls MC want to be, just kind of taken the professionalism out of Van Son this time, I understand it suppose to be to comedy and all but my personal opinion. Overall it’s still second best of all Vietnamese music industry in the US. I rate Thuy Nga #1, Van Son #2, and Asia #3