Winter 2011 automobile cars tips and safety preparation

As winter are approaching, it will be here sooner than you thing, here are a few cars tips preparation for this winter 2011.

1. Engine Oil
As temperatures dip below freezing, thinner oil is optimal. Outside temperatures influence the internal temperature of your car’s engine, so be sure to get the proper type of oil for colder weather conditions.

2. Coolant
Make sure the engine coolant has ethylene glycol in the mix to protect your engine. The water to coolant ratio is also important. Most vehicles require a 60 percent coolant to 40 percent water ratio.

3. Battery
Have your battery, cables, terminal and fluid inspected to avoid a dead battery. Turn the engine off and read the charge level on the hydrometer. A fully charged battery should read at least 12.6V.

4. Tires
Most tire manufacturers recommend changing all four tires before the winter months. If this seems expensive, you can opt for all-season tires, but you will not have the features of a seasonal tire.

5. Windshield
Look for a washer fluid that has an antifreeze solution to clear off the cold, heavy grime. Some of these fluids are harsh and can damage the paint, so be cautious.