What’s going with certain people just want to hurt other?

12 died in UK shooting by a taxi driver. After watching cnn news on this particular incident, it brought out a big question, what’s going on with people all of a sudden turn violent and go on to shoot people randomly? I don’t know, but my personal opinion is, there is a devil inside all of us, need a key to unlock it, so I think that’s what happen in UK earlier today, the taxi guy just went out and start shooting people randomly, even though there is no bad history according to his friend, but I think there got to be something that trigger him to do that, could be a small incident that create a chain reaction of other incident combined. Will see in the next few days.

I other news, former vice president Al Gore will separate (divorce) his wife Tipple, I wonder what’s going on there. Day 44, oil leak still no fix, more oil are leaking and BP spent close to billion dollar to clean up and fix already, hope they have insurance and good lawyer. That’s it for today, head out do some gardening, visit site http://gardening.knowingthis.com/