What I think about BP and the oil spill occured months ago gulf of Mexico

The oil rig explosion back in April 2010 belong to BP, I don’t think BP wanted this to happen, off course it’s an accident, an accident that BP doesn’t want it to happen. And off course it’s BP fault, but how does it happen is unclear and still under investigation. Ok so that had happened nothing can be done to stop it now, let focus on the fix and prevention then go back and fire some people. I was watching the hearing cnn.com with all the law makers and representative from each states asking stupid questions, “is today Thursday” for example, at one point one of the representative so upset stupidly forcing BP to admit wrong doing by putting word in BP mouth … it is so rediculuos. It upset me that I thought we have smart people representing each state asking intelligent question like how to fix this, who is fixing it, what can we do to help, work together and so on and so forth, instead of accusing and pointing finger and forcing BP to admit to something clearly it’s BP fault but BP doesn’t know how it happened. Let focus on the fix, focus on getting people lives back, clean up, and prevention. BP is doing its best, they’re loosing money, but still maintain its integrity and willingness to fix and clean up the problem. Let help them. Stop asking stupid questions and forcing them to perform micracle.