Stamps online Endicia denial of service attack

ddos endicia dymo 2011

ddos endicia dymo 2011

Dear customer,

Over the last 2 weeks, DYMO Endicia has experienced periods of degradation in service or service outage. Upon in-depth analysis of these events, we believe at least three of these incidents were caused by a denial of service attack on our systems. Other major e-commerce systems have been experiencing similar issues and outages recently, and our security and operations personnel have evidence to indicate that this is part of a similar pattern.

While the attack did direct enough activity at our servers to block legitimate customer traffic, causing the outage you experienced, the attempt did not succeed in penetrating our security firewalls or reaching our network. All of our customer and partner data remains safely protected.

Over the weekend, we have taken action to modify our network security in the way that we handle certain types of requests to our web site and web services. These changes should further strengthen our systems against attacks and minimize disruptions to your business. We are aggressively monitoring our networks for further activity and will take appropriate action as needed. In addition, we have brought specialized security consultants on board to assist with preventing this activity in the future.

We understand that the stability of our systems is vital to your business productivity and we apologize for the inconveniences you have encountered during recent weeks. We will continue to keep you informed of any changes that may impact your service.

Thank you for your business. Please contact us with any questions.


The DYMO Endicia Team
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