Shop around for mortgage loans and re-finance

From our own ecperience, don’t settle for one bank or financial company to do your settlement loans and re-finance. The payday loans for example, you could use lendingtree or other online source to check for best offer, however when you present your credit history with credit score and your cash asset onhand, the deal you saw at first might not be the one you will get. Example, Wells Fargo, big company made some profit even though the economy sucks now a day, they would charge $20,000 from start to finish with 4.25-4.5% APR with re-finance loan total $300,000 Now if you shop somewhere else another 2 more places at least you will see the charge of $20,000 might not be the case, it could be $10,000 $15,000 and so on, so different bank or financial company charged differently, so shop carefully. One thing to keep in mind is try not loose credit score, it is possible to loose a couple points on your credit score once you authorize banks to check your credit history, so maybe it’s a good idea to one copy of latest credit history report and present it to them instead of having pull it every time.