June 2nd 2009 what’s going on today?

Well, there are quite a few things going on lately, latest. That reality TV show, Jon and Kate plus 8 from TLC look like it’s going down hill, lots of anger, Jon and Kate doesn’t appear to be happy, their marriage is falling apart, they don’t know what to do. Air France gone missing Monday from Brazil to Paris crashed into ocean, wreckage found “No survivors have been found” sad indeed, god bless all. GM filed chapter officially closing many operations plant about 20,000 job loss or so, this impact GM dealership forcing it to close as well – this is good news GM car price, find a local GM dealership check to see if they’re closing as well, then go shop there, guranteed you will get the best deal, much lower than what dealership is paying for, since the dealership are closing, they will try to get rid of all the cars, check out all GM cars video reviews.

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