Happy Monday June 15th 2009

Hope you all have good week end. What’s going today in the news? here are some highlight:
* Recession fears cripple stocks
* N.K. has made nuclear progress, experts say
* Russia vetoes U.N. mission in Georgia
* Space shuttle launch now set for Wednesday
* Secretary calls air crash a ‘wake-up call’
* Anger boils over 46 deaths at day care
* Ticker: Palin wins apology for ‘coarse joke’
* Health bill could cost $1 trillion
* U.N. names Bill Clinton envoy to Haiti
* Obama ‘deeply troubled’ by Iran protests
* Blagojevich tries comedy routine on stage Video
* Man found after fall from cruise ship
* Parents live nightmare
* Layman-turned-relics hunter rescues antiquities
* Teen charged in 19 serial cat killings
* 4 guys find success in bridal business Video T-shirt
* Dad feels cheated in parental holiday gifting
* Video shows trooper, paramedic scuffle Video
* Puppy accidentally flushed down toilet Video

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