Happy Friday June 4th 2010 Father Day coming up soon Sunday June 20th 2010

What’s going in the news? well that oil spews continue to spew but not sure how much after BP plug it with a cap after cutting it using remote control under water sub robots. Israel Gaza remain a problem and Turkey reduced it’s relationship with Israel due to the raid, look like Israel will be alone can’t make friend with any neighboring country.

Unemployment are getting better but still high, I bet people who live in farm place where they rely nothing from municipal such as water, sewer, electricity, gas, … living happily than most of us rely on an 8 hours or more day working. I used to live in a country side Vietnam, we build our own house, generate our own electricity, got our own water, grown our own foods, and all that; we rely nothing from the government, and we had lots of fun and no worry, just that the new generation of technology our later generation doesn’t want to farm anymore and decided new life in the city which is ok but there go our traditional way of life.