Happy Friday June 27th 2009

Well we all made it, Friday at last. Many Michael Jackson fan out there are pretty sadden by the fact that he’s dead now, it was due to a serious heart attack, this impact world wide music culture, Michael Jackson had amazing music video special effects. Some of his music video are here on this site http://english.musicflu.com

It’s also officially summer 2009 last week, so go out door plant a garden and enjoy the weather, get some vitamin D from the sun, just don’t stay out for too long risk of getting sunburn and possibly skin problems like cancer. Find more information or tips on these two medical sites: http://www.tranclinic.com and http://www.diseaseandcures.com Talking about health, Swine Flu in US alone June 2009 almost got up to 30,000 cases with over 127 deaths, worldwide could reach millions.

Economy appear to be at a stand still, at least it’s not going down, but remain still, and hope that it will go up. Housing market pick up a little bit with APR gone up also, you can still get good deal in buying new house or refinance check out this site http://www.doyourealestates.com