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VNUnited.com, reach out for others, no matter where you are, with today’s technology you can connect to us. Many of our services are free, donation accepted.
History of VNUnited.com, the domain was created back in year 2002. Prior to year 2002, there were other domains that I’ve purchased vietvui.net and vietline.net, the reason I didn’t use these two domains is because of the extension of .net so as a result I picked vnunited.com and use it as the main website.
Back in 2002 VNUnited established a group people to work on the site, including writing scripts, testing, updating and advertising. I would like to say thank you to the following people all have gone away doing something different in life… These folks are my friends no matter where they are today; I believe one day we will meet again. These people not only dedicated their time but also provided ideas and improvements to VNUnited.com. The folks involved are:

Terry Tran – From Saigon Vietnam, very talented individual still in school at the time, I believe he graduated already by now and work for a big Vietnamese News Paper agency. Terry very knowledgeable with website scripts, he know which script to use and not to use, he also know where to find scripts and programs that cost lots of money but for him it’s low cost or no cost at all, most of the time free. Terry was in charge of the Vietnamese forums for a while then got busy and also due to forums being spammed hacked out of control in the end it was closed down. I haven’t been in communication with Terry, but I would like to give Terry credit for what we’ve done in the past helping VNUnited.com out quite a bit.

Son Vu – I consider him as the programmer, he work on vnunited.org asp script for Vietnamese lyrics, cooking recipes and Vietnamese singer’s biography. All these modules I have transitioned to WordPress today. Son also dedicated his time on the forums answering questions and posts useful news and updates on tech subjects. I’m still in contact with Son online chatting, although not working on VNUnited.com but still #1 best friend since the day I know about the internet. We’ve been friends since that time. Son – currently working for a large computer company.

Richard Le – was a co-worker at first working for the same company I’m working for. Later, a couple years going live with VNUnited.com, I’ve talked about VNUnited with Richard Le, he proposed to turn VNUnited into a non-profit 501c organization, I believe we got it 90% done, then the team started to separate because of other priorities. Richard Le is a can do person, he believe that he can accomplish many things “failure is not an option” very strong. However due to personal priorities and difficulty, the nonprofit was never approved by officials. Richard Le now I believe work for a big software company as well.
Danny Vu – A very cool guy, smart, sharp, funny, he got it all. I met Danny through Richard Le during the 501c nonprofit process. Danny is also very knowledgeable with software and hardware computers. A fun guy to hang around with, when business it’s business, when having fun, he can show you fun. I believe Danny work for a high-tech company and also doing side jobs like real estates …

Dorothy (Diep) – is Richard Le’s sister. A very cool girl, smart, talented and know MAC computer and good with Adobe. I believe Diep is also working for high-tech Company, and have many good friends that guide her through life.
Kevin Luong – I met Kevin through a file sharing group, Vietnamese that is. Kevin mainly spent time doing file transferring up/down. Whatever Asian movies released, he have it, and it’s DVD not cam version. He got connection somehow and his collections I believe probably 20Terabytes now. The site was vietworld part vnunited but shut down due to hacking and illegal contents. Kevin I believe now works for a tech company with engineering.

AnhDo Do – at the beginning, vietvui.net and vietline.net belong to AnhDo, but later he had other priorities so he transferred to me. AnhDo I believe is an engineer working at a family own factory, very knowledgeable with Computers Hardware and software. Also do website stuff. Anhdo help vnunited at the beginning providing website hosting servers. I believe Anhdo now still working for the same company and still have few websites clients and running webhosting server as well. vnwebhosting.

Thong Tran – that’s me. After working for a High-Tech Company for 20 years as of April 2011, I no longer work for a Company. I now spent time online do what I love and what I can do best … include creating websites. Lately I’ve created over 50 websites hopefully can be helpful to others and generate revenue later on..

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