Call US phone # from Vietnam or anywhere in the world for free


You can make phone call from Vietnam or anywhere in the world for free with Skype phone # subscription and call subscription, it cost $3 a month for unlimited call and $20 a year for a phone #, total monthly cost is $4.50 a month or you can pay $55 the whole year and not worrying about paying each month. You get a phone#, and unlimited in out call. You get a USA # that you can call out from anywhere that have internet and skype installed, meaning even if you don’t have your own computer laptop device, you can use any computer login into your skype account from your phone or friends laptop computer ect … from anywhere in the world and make phone call. I use it when I was in Vietnam to call USA # for free. It’s very good voice quality and fast and no dialing hassle. very good, so buy today 🙂 Click on pic above. Let me know if you encounter problem.