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Asia 69 Vietnamese Music Video Lien Khuc Tuyet Voi Tinh Ca Muon Thuo released April 27th 2012

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Asia 69 Vietnamese Music Video Lien Khuc Tuyet Voi Tinh Ca Muon Thuo released April 27th 2012. I have seen any latest release from popular Vietnamese music video entertainment such as Thuy Nga, Van son, and Asia. Well this volume 69 from Asia Entertainment would help greatly entertain us Vietnamese, some might have gone to […]

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Asia 67 Music Video

Asia Vietnamese music production also released their latest DVD music video before Thuy Nga released their 101 volume. Check it out also, I like the comedy piece the most, everything else is ok.

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College savings for everyone

There are many choices out there for college savings, the most popular ones are the Education IRA and 529 Plan. For children life insurance, look into Gerber Life, it’s not just life insurance, it has cash value and if you keep paying the premiums after certain amount of years, that premium became cash value and […]

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Van Son 42 in Denver

There has been a lot of questions and confusion about DVD music release for Van Son 42 in Denver. Some thought is was May 10th, 2009, some said July 4th 2009, I’m not sure, up to now in vanson website, this dvd label VanSon 42 is not found anywhere on website, so no official release […]

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Thuy Nga 96 released today June 25th 2009

Thuy Ngay music dvd #96 has been released. So go out and support them by buying original DVD, our popular Vietnamese culture top music entertainment are Thuy Nga, Van Son, Asia, at least for these three productions, please buy original DVDs to support them, they don’t release too many DVD per year, 1-2 or maybe […]

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